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Hrithik Roshan -Bang Bang-

Koi jaadu hone ko hai…BANG BANG! 


It’s HERE!! The scorching, the riveting, the inimitable #BangBangTitleTrackwith the irresistible #Hrithik and #Katrina!


Bang Bang -Hrithik roshan-
Hrithik at the Jagran Film Festival 

Hrithik at the Jagran Film Festival 


Now tell me he is not real! This is Rohit Mehra in his van between takes :P


Haathon ko tere apneHaathon mein le leti hoonKe taqdeerein apni saari padh loon


Haathon ko tere apne
Haathon mein le leti hoon
Ke taqdeerein apni saari padh loon
nowordsareneeded asked: (ssh I'm not really here) kabeera and diarav


You’re not here my bumboo. Also, it’s under the cut because DAMN, this is long. 

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LOL love this! :P 

(tu lage mujhe) pehli baarish ki dua → kabir + sameera


timestamp; friday evening; 22nd august, 2014
this para was titled “finally”. all we have to say is that if you ship this as hard as we do, please make sure you’re alone when you read this because you might scream/basically flail away. have fun!

Sameera looked at the time and sighed. She knew she should probably try and sleep, but with Karan out partying, and no one else to keep her calm, the young woman was stressing herself out with worry. She had been asked to stay inside for the past couple of nights, and although she had wanted to defy him, there had been something in Kabir’s words that left her feeling like she should just listen to him and stay safe.Of course if I asked him for the same thing, he’d probably just look at me like I was joking or something. Doesn’t he understand that I worry about him? She blinked and realised exactly what she had just admitted to herself. Before she could berate herself any further, she heard a soft knock on the front door. She looked up, and quietly walked through to the foyer to open it. What she saw, she definitely hadn’t been expecting - the object of her affections standing in front of her, the rain falling heavily behind him.

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OMG! I am thankful to god that I had read the warning and I was alone….the feels in this update! OMG! I am so dead! Damn! It is beautiful! 

First Meetings Are The Last Meetings. (Sometimes) || Self-Para


TAGGING: Kabir Khan + Maan Shrestha

LOCATION: Kabir’s office + Maan’s office

TIME FRAME: 21st & 22nd August 2014.

GENERAL NOTES: Character death. Nothing too graphic.

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